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What is UbiPark?

UbiPark’s zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit and pay for parking without ever opening the window and reaching out of the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money and be on your way faster and hassle-free.

Sports Geek Take

UbiPark is positioned to deliver a compelling new revenue stream to the sports industry while enhancing the customer experience and contact tracing options.

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You want to improve your fan experience arriving and games and you are looking for new revenue opportunities. UbiPark can help you with both.

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Fan experience extends further than the stadium.
UbiPark can help your fans enjoy the game day experience from their home to their seat in the stadium.
Sports must innovate with partners who deliver additional revenue options.

Sean Callanan, Sports Geek

Mosstyn Howell, UbiPark

Mosstyn Howell has been a leader, visionary and highly respected partner and colleague in the parking industry for over 20 years. Mosstyn is the Founder and CEO of UbiPark which provides exciting new parking technologies to assist consumers to save time and money when looking for parking. UbiPark also provides car park owners with marketing and data analytic tools to increase revenues and reach customers in the digital world.

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Sports Geek is working with UbiPark to help them offer parking revenue integration into sports team and league apps to make great offers to fans and build revenue streams for sports.

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