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The Sports Geek Amplify series profiles sports technology solutions that will help solve problems and develop new and innovative ways to drive data and revenue outcomes for the sports industry

SEAT presents season 2 of Sports Geek Amplify.

Season 3 is in pre-production.

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SEAT 2023 in Salt Lake City  - July 2023

Sports Geek Amplify is BACK!

I'm excited to bring you Season 2 of the Sports Geek Amplify series in collaboration with my friends at SEAT. These episodes will serve as a great preview to SEAT as you'll learn about the solutions that our Season 2 cohort provides across sponsorship, technology, content and digital.

I'll see you in Salt Lake City for SEAT 2023.

Sean Callanan
Founder of Sports Geek

Sports Geek's Sean Callanan

Sports Geek Amplify - Season 2


What do a sports industry executive, behavioural scientist, analytics junkie, and neural network engineer have in common? Building the foundations for Trajektory to help organizations better understand their data in unparalleled ways.

Learn from Trajektory founder Alex Kerr how you can find new revenue once you understand what ALL of your inventory is worth.

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Extenet provides private wireless networks and other technology solutions to address venue challenges, making it easier to deploy and maintain technology solutions and providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for fans.

Jeff Alexander shares insights from new and existing venues on how private wireless networks open up options to deliver more technology solutions in your venue.

Extenet - Jeff Alexander
SeatGeek - Jeff Ianello


SeatGeek is disrupting the ticketing ecosystem, first on the secondary market, now offering full-stack ticketing solutions.

In this episode, Jeff shares the data-driven approach to delivering value for fans via ticketing.


SponsorCX is a sponsorship management platform streamlining analytics, reporting, and asset value measurements for multiple sponsorship verticals.

In the episode, Jason shares how his sponsorship experience ensured the sponsor relationship is the focus of SponsorCX.

SponsorCX - Jason Smith
Stats Perform - Michael Leon

Stats Perform

Stats Perform (of Opta data fame) creates captivating sports content tp grow your sponsors and audience.

In this episode, Michael discusses the PressBox platform, which puts superpower in the hands of your broadcast, commercial, game operations and digital staff.

"My goal is for DIGITAL to be the #1 source of revenue for the sports industry by 2030.
The Sports Geek Amplify cohort are the companies that can help make that happen."

Sean Callanan, Host & Founder of Sports Geek

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