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SEAT 2023 in Salt Lake City  - July 2023
Extenet - Jeff Alexander

What is Extenet?

Extenet provides private wireless networks and other technology solutions to address venue challenges, making it easier to deploy and maintain technology solutions and providing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for fans.

Sports Geek Take

Bandwidth is at a premium, you need to keep delivering for your fans while meeting the demands of your growing technology infrastructure to support operations.

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Learn how Externet helps venues deliver the best experience across sports and entertainment venues. In this episode, Jeff will share insights from implementing private wireless networks at the San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center.

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Sports and stadium technology executives who are looking to refresh and optimise networking solutions to improve the experience for fans and service providers in your venue.

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Sports Geek Amplify Season 2
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SEAT 2023 in Salt Lake City  - July 2023

The demand for bandwidth in sports is unrelenting, the private wireless solution discussed can give your technology team confidence they can deliver.

Sean Callanan, Sports Geek

Jeff Alexander, Extenet

Jeff Alexander is a technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. He is passionate about developing innovative solutions that enhance wireless connectivity and improve the overall fan experience at live events.

Connect with Jeff on Linkedin and meet him at SEAT in July.

Learn more about Extenet.

Extenet - Jeff Alexander

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