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StellarAlgo is the Leading Customer Data Platform for live audience businesses and the easiest way to build and monetize the world's most passionate digital audiences.

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Long time leader in understanding audiences and refining offers to drive more ticketing, marketing and sponsorship revenue from your existing customers.

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You need to get better returns from your data and digital fan base.

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Everyone in sports is on a "Data Journey" and StellarAlgo is the guide you need on that journey.

Data is the key to success for sports to engage and transact with fans. Every sport MUST have a data focus to build sustainable business models across ticketing, sponsorship and e-commerce.

Sean Callanan, Sports Geek

Vincent Ircandia, StellarAlgo

Vince Ircandia has over 10 years of experience in senior executive and business intelligence roles with some of the sports and entertainment industry’s largest brands. He built and led customer data strategy teams at the LA Kings and AEG Sports before joining the Portland Trail Blazers and RQ Entertainment as SVP Business Operations where he led ticket operations, business intelligence and technology functions.

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Vincent Ircandia - StellarAlgo

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Sports Geek is listened to by sports marketing and technology executives in the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Learn from sports CEOs, sports marketing leaders, sports technologists on the latest sports business trends, marketing campaigns, fan engagement strategies and sports technology implementations.

If you love sports and what to know happens behind the scenes then look no further.

Sports Geek Amplify series will be released on the Sports Geek podcast feed on all major podcasting platforms.


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