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The Sports Geek Amplify series profiles sports technology solutions that will help solve problems and develop new and innovative ways to drive data and revenue outcomes for the sports industry

Introducing Sports Geek Amplify

I'm really excited to bring you the Sports Geek Amplify series. In these episodes, I dive into these sports technology solutions to see how they can save you time, make you money and make the most of your resources.

I'm looking forward to seeing the sports industry bounce back, I know the Sports Geek Amplify cohort can help make that happen.

Sean Callanan
Founder of Sports Geek

Sports Geek's Sean Callanan

Sports Geek Amplify - Season 1

Sports Geek Amplify - VLAST


VLAST gives oversight for properties, agencies and sponsors into all aspects of talent appearances, creating more efficiency and ensuring greater talent buy-in.

Learn from VLAST founder James Begley how you can leave Excel spreadsheets and Whatsapp groups behind when managing athlete activations.

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Sports organisations and associations use Teammo to help them go cashless. They can collect fees online, send payment-related notifications, and track and reconcile incoming payments.

Sports teams use Teammo to collect and manage their team's payments. They can collect money from players, and more easily transact with their club or association – to pay for match fees, registration, forfeit fines, and other ad hoc payments.

Sarah and Andrew will show you how can move your organisation to cashless within a month!

Sports Geek Amplify - Teammo
Sports Geek Amplify - StellarAlgo


StellarAlgo is the Leading Customer Data Platform for live audience businesses and the easiest way to build and monetize the world's most passionate digital audiences.

In this episode Vincent shares case studies showing revenue uplift and growth across ticketing and sponsorship.


UbiPark’s zero contact parking solution allows motorists to enter, exit and pay for parking without ever opening the window and reaching out of the car. It’s seamless, safe & hygienic. Save time, save money and be on your way faster and hassle-free.

In the episode, Mosstyn shares how UbiPark's API can allow sports apps to direct fans to a car park to improve the fan experience and build a new revenue stream for sports.

Sports Geek Amplify - UbiPark
Sports Geek Amplify - Zoomph - Amir Zonozi


Zoomph is a platform for Social Audience Intelligence and Sponsorship Measurement and Evaluation. Whether it’s new, active, or past, Zoomph will help you understand your audience. Big or small, it’s important to know your brand’s target market.

In this episode, Sean and Amir geek out about digital and social media and how sports can build digital revenue via digital.

"My goal is for DIGITAL to be the #1 source of revenue for the sports industry by 2030.
The Sports Geek Amplify cohort are the companies that can help make that happen."

Sean Callanan, Host & Founder of Sports Geek

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